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1. The opener won't open the door, or the door opens only a few inches and stops:

This problem usually indicates a broken spring, or spring problem.  The door could open with just a little assistance.  If you pull the emergency release on the opener and try to lift it manually and the door is heavy, you need a spring repair.

To Identify a broken torsion spring, if you look above the door with the door closed, there will be a pipe with a large spring or springs attached.  If one is separated, that is the broken spring.

A couple of door makers use a non industry standard spring system.  We typically recommend replacing with the industry standard system.

There are also Extension spring systems where the springs stretch out above the side tracks when the door is closed. Broken, relaxed or bad pulleys cause similar problems.​

Special Note:  Even if your opener continues to open your door with a broken spring, this will cause damage to both your garage door and opener.  (Get it fixed!)

2. The opener will open, but only close if I hold the wall button.

This is a typical indication of an obstructed or misaligned photo beam sensor.  This problem could be caused by dirty lenses on the photo beam, something physically between the beams, or the beams were bumped out of alignment.  Depending on your opener, you may get flashing lights or beeps as and indicator of this problem. This problem could also be caused by broken wires, or an electronics problem too.

3. The Wireless Keyless Entry  (WKE or outside Keypad) stopped working.

Try Changing the battery. On the Multi-Code WKE you may need to re-program the keypad.

Note: on the products page, there are links to instructions for several WKE's currently on the market.

5. My Door is freezing to the garage floor...

​Each winter, we get dozens of calls about doors won't open, and it ends up they are frozen to the floor. You can resolve this by gently prying or lifting the door Manually (released from the opener) and clean the ice from beneath the door and on the bottom seal.  After this is done.. Apply cooking spray to the bottom seal on the door, and this will help keep the door from re-sticking to the floor. You can also apply the cooking spray ahead of bad weather....

6. My remotes and Wireless Keypad stopped working, but my wall button in the garage still opens and closes the door.

​Many garage door operators have a feature called "Vacation Lock".  This feature when activated, disables the wireless transmitters and WKE.  There are a few types of locks, some are slide switches, and some require you to press and hold the "Lock" button for a few seconds to enable and disable.

Frequently the light on the wall button will blink if the lock is on. You can also refer to your owners manual on how this works.

7. My Opener is working intermittently, or no range on the transmitter.

Over time, we have seen many strange things caused by CFL and LED bulbs used in garage door openers.  It can cause problems ranging form the door only running partially, to causing radio interference with transmitters talking with the radio receiver in the opener.

Other things cause this these same symptoms with transmitter range too.  We have had Radio Frequency  (RF) problems caused by things such as, Electric Motors, bad electronics in appliances, Internet and cable, and also components in automobiles ranging from Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS), and Christmas display lights.  Many times is hard to determine the origin of the RF problem, however we can typically use a RF detector and isolate issues.

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